ESR HaloLock Magsafe Phone Holder Stand


Full 360° magnetic ring matches iPhone 12’s internal magnets, allowing you to mount the iPhone quickly and easily with no metal plates or attachments required.

  • Stronger Magnets, Secure Lock
  • Powerful magnets support up to 1,400g to ensure the iPhone 12 stays secure while typing or receiving a call.
  • Non-Slip Silicone Ring
  • Ensures iPhone stays right where put it when using a case. Note: If using a case, official MagSafe case, ESR HaloLock case, or HaloLock Universal Ring required.


The MagSafe iPhone stand holder has 360° ring of magnets that match the iPhone 12’s internal magnet, mounting is quick and easy and no metal plate that would interfere with wireless charging required. Powerful magnets with a non-slip silicone ring hold your phone securely horizontally or vertically. Has telescoping neck and rotating joint connecting magnetic pad to neck , adjustable height and angle let you chose the most comfortable view. Weighted base provides enhanced stability that makes placing or removing your phone on this desk stand easy. Stand has hoop in back, Cable can be threaded through loop. Organizing loop holds cable to keep your space uncluttered.